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Introduction to Personal Injury Law

This website is intended to help you with the process of filing a personal injury claim and getting fairly compensated if you have suffered an accident.

In spite of what insurance companies and most personal injury lawyers will tell you, the process is not that complicated and you do NOT need a lawyer to successfully file and collect on most injury claims. While lawyers can take a lot of the hassle out of the process, and we even recommend that you hire or consult a lawyer in certain cases, you can handle most claims yourself and save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

To start with, we recommend that you read "What should I do if I have just been injured?" This will get you started on the steps you should be taking right away, no matter what the situation.

Different sections of the website cover:

  • automobile accidents and other vehicle accidents
  • bicycle and motorcycle accidents
  • accidents that happened on someone's property, whether is their home, place of business or public property (this includes slips and falls)
  • injuries caused by defective products
  • accidents involving children or animals
  • all other accidents

You might also like to read about how to calculate how much your personal injury claim is worth.

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