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Disruption of Life

Disruption of Life is another category that may be used to demonstrate pain and suffering.

  • Missing instructional classes for school or work.
  • Missing a special event (i.e. Wedding, family or school reunion, funeral, etc.)
  • Having to cancel a trip or a vacation.
  • Being unable to partake in sports that you regularly play (e.g., if you’re a runner and can’t run, and/or miss training for an upcoming event. Or if you’re a dancer and have to miss classes or rehearsals.)

Be aware that you will probably have to provide documentation for things in this category, such as a current class schedule from your school or college, a wedding invitation, receipts for cancelled airline tickets, billing for your weekly dance classes, etc.

You can’t tell your insurance company that you’re a dancer if you just started taking dance classes two weeks before the accident, or that you missed your sister’s wedding because you were in the hospital, if you can't provide a wedding invitation and the dates of your hospital stay.

Detailed records consistent with your story are the key to being rewarded compensation for items that fall under this category, otherwise they will be difficult to demonstrate and thus difficult to get compensation for.


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