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Demonstrating Pain and Suffering

First and foremost: WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN!

Pain and suffering, as a rule, is somewhat difficult to establish in a personal injury claim. The only way you can get compensated is monetarily, and so everything you suffer as a result of your injury must be recorded so that it can be assigned a monetary value for compensation.

The best way to do this is to:

  1. Inform your doctor/therapist/psychologist of everything you are going through so that they have medical records of your suffering. Insurance companies are MUCH more likely to take your suffering into account if you have gone to a professional for help and they have noted in their records everything you have gone through. If you try to skip this step, your insurance company may discount your claims of pain and suffering because you didn’t think they were important enough to seek help for at the time.
  2. Keep a journal of your pain and suffering. Do this so that you remember the details to tell your doctor/insurance company. Again, YOU will know exactly how much you have suffered, but the only way to get fair monetary compensation is by recording and adding up all the details.


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