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The field of law is bewildering and hard to understand. It really is like a different country that speaks its own language and has its own rules. Lawyers are the people who can guide us safely through this maze and protect us from any pitfalls in the way.

But sometimes, you cannot afford a lawyer. Or your case is so trivial -- a traffic ticket for example -- that getting a lawyer just doesn’t make any financial sense. Even if you do retain a lawyer, it’s only helpful to have a better understanding of the way law works. This is where this website comes in.

Our mission is to provide ordinary people with legal information that might help them with their legal problems. We’re not lawyers (though our information comes from lawyers) and we know what it’s like to face legal problems. Whether they are large or small, it’s a trying experience. If our work here on this website can ease even a fraction of that difficulty, we’ll consider our mission accomplished.

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