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If you are a lawyer or represent a law firm, and are interested in gaining good publicity on the Internet, as well as gaining new clients and leads, all while rendering a much-needed service to the public, consider working with us! It is easy, requires no more time than what you are willing to contribute, and highly effective.

Here’s how it works. We receive legal questions from the public. If their state of residence matches the one(s) you practice in, and the question is related to a field of law you specialize in, we forward the question to you. If you have the time, interest and expertise, you can provide an answer. We are not asking you to provide legal advice! We’re merely asking for you to help explain some aspects of the way the law works. You can see examples of what we’re looking for around the website.

Your answer is then sent to the person who originally posed the question, along with the contact information for you or your law firm. We also ask the client whether they would be interested in hearing from you directly. There is a good probability the client will end up getting in touch with you.

Furthermore, if the question and answer are chosen for publication, you or your law firm will be given full credit and your contact information made available right on the answer page.

Finally, in our About section, we maintain a directory of the lawyers and firms who contribute the most to our website.

We are always interested in lawyers from any state in the USA and specializing in any field(s) of law. Please specify these things when you contact us.

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